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    1. Your age: 15

    2. What languages do you fluently speak: English

    3. Why are you interested in being a builder on DerpCraft? I want to help out and give back to a small server in need.

    4. What are some amazing things you have built? [please provide images and or links]
    I have a lot more but there are so much to add that i can do it

    5. Have you been a staff on a Minecraft server before?
    6. How can we contact you? [Skype/Discord] (Please PM me this information with your name and IGN)
    Discord. Alpha_234#2873

    7. Why do you think you should be a builder on DerpCraft?
    Because i am a good builder and i want to give back to a small server and help them out.

    8. In-game name:
    (You will be contacted privately to confirm your acceptance. If you're not contacted after a few days, you can assume your application has been denied.)

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