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    1) Basic Information -
    • Minecraft username: HypixelCA (UUID: 751805e7b58146d285ed00fe7ec836a5)
    • Previous Minecraft usernames: PVP_PRO_0001 (UUID: 3737d83be4534621ac4709d0c94d7e8a)
    • Timezone: it is 韓國標準時, KST, Korea Standard Time
    • Age (Note: You must be 13 or over to apply): i am currently 16 going to be 17 in March, 2020.
    • Do you have access to Skype and a working microphone? no [If it is necessary, I can join immediately.]
    • Do you have the ability to record Minecraft video? No
    • Gaming Twitter link: no i do not have one
    • Are you multilingual? (Fluent in multiple languages. Not just learning one.)
      Am I multilingual? As you can see, yes. :)

      "Hi, 안녕하세요, こんにちは, 你好"
    2) Advanced Information -
    • About me: Hacking Defense(Korea Digital Media High School)
      Network Specialist(資格證, Certification)
      Linux Specialist(資格證, Certification)
    • Sorry for not keeping the format.
      I still hope the content is valid.

    *Contact me via server

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