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    Apr 21, 2019
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    1)Basic info
    Minecraft Username: gasybrotato1
    Timezone: pacific
    2)Active: prison
    3)Available: every weekend
    4) no
    5)well, if I muted them by accident then I would unmute them, but if they are spamming me then ill tell the other player that the player was spamming me, then if they don't stop then ill mute them too.
    6) joining was my best time in this server
    7) whelp, I dont mess up very often, but I would say I messed up a redstone contraption involving TNT, lets just say I dealt with it by filling the crater
    8) one hobby of mine is welding.
    9) yes, on mcpe I ran a few servers for a bit and even a realm.
    10) no, I prefer to get my stuff done before hopping online
    11) first I check to see if any other staff members are online, then I would either ask them to help (if there are) or i would help the person on discord by telling them to just mute the person.
    12) nope
    13)not really

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